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Nepal Sends Cross-Border Transmission Line Feasibility Report to China


Nepal Energy Ministry has sent an initial feasibility report for the construction of the 400 KV Rasuwagadhi-Kerung (Geelong) Cross-Border Transmission line to China.


  • According to Dinesh Kumar Ghimire, spokesperson of the Energy Ministry, the feasibility study report had been delivered to Nepali Foreign Ministry. From there, the report will be given to China through a diplomatic channel.
  • Ghimire informed that after China studies the report, there will be formal discussions regarding the project at the government levels.
  • The transmission line will be used to transform power for the hydropower projects being constructed and those which are about to kick off construction along the transmission line.
  • Moreover, the Energy Ministry has selected the project for potential financing under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, a memorandum of which was signed in May 2017 between China and Nepal.


The information has been obtained from Xinhau News.

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