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Nepal Ranks 115th in World Broadband Density

Nepal has ranked 115th out of all the countries that have access to broadband. Last year, Nepal was ranked 139th. According to the report published by the Union Broadband Commission, in 2015 Nepal 17.4% of the population are using broadband. Likewise, 19% of the population has access to the internet.

3.2billion people worldwide have access to the internet. That comes to about 43% of the total world population. Even if this is the case, there is still a lack of facilities in developing countries and a “saturation” point has been reached in developed countries.


Among South Asian countries, the Maldives are leading with the highest density of internet usage. The mobile broadband service there has reached 48.90%. Bhutan come to close second in internet usage in this region.
In these modern times, internet plays a big factor in the way a country can develop. Government needs to set up proper policies and strategies to regulate and facilitate the usage of such a needed commodity. It is due to the proper establishment of such resource that South Africa and India have developed so in recent times, according to the BBC.

With the help of internet, education, health and agriculture can develop quickly. These sectors can benefit and grow by using proper information and knowledge that the internet can provide. Due to this reason, Nepal has also made policies to properly implement broadband connection all over the country. Due to lack of services like 3G and 4G, Nepal has lacked behind, as said by experts.

By focusing on quality and price, we should provide these services to the remote parts of Nepal”, as said by ICT expert, Manohar Kumar Bhattarai. We must focus on both wired and wireless connections. They can be very helpful to the general public, students and government officials in a big way. According to the recent policy passed, the government has made an aim that 90% of the Nepalese public will have access to broadband by 2020 A.D. In recent reports, broadband service has made a big leap in the Asia Pacific region.

India falls in the world ranking of the most densely used broadband connection usage while it seems that the number of people who actually have access to the internet is less that it seems. Out of 189 countries, India is ranked 131st this year. Last year in 2014, India was ranked 125th.

First world countries all over the world have proper infrastructures and policies for the usage of broadband internet”, as published in the report by commission Vice-President Irina Bokoba. “People need internet to stay online and watch the news”, she added.

Since 90% of the people in less developed countries still do not have access to the Internet, this will affect a lot of people.

According to a report, out of 79 countries in the world, 70% people always stay online. Last year, the number was 77%. The top ten countries with the most developed infrastructures and access to the internet are all European countries.

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