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Nepal Police Implements Digital Signature System

nepal police digital signature
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Nepal Police (NP) is now implementing digital signature systems in its workplace.

A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document. Digital signatures can provide the added assurances of evidence to origin, identity and status of an electronic document, transaction or message, as well as acknowledging informed consent by the signer

The new system was officially inaugurated by Inspector General of Police Prakash Aryal in a function in NP Headquarters, Naxal. Aryal sent a communication with digital signature to the Metropolitan Police Office and all five regional police offices as the first message.

During the function Managing Director of Thapathali-based Nepal Certifying Company Pvt Ltd, Purushottam Ghimire, handed over seven units of digital signature kit to IGP Aryal. An IT officer at the company gave a presentation on the effective use of digital signature.

This new system will be used for communication among NP Headquarters, Metropolitan Police Office and all five regional police offices. NP states that the new system will make official communication secure and reliable while preventing

Police personnels were also provided with the training to manage the new system; mostly to ensure that an electronic document like email, text file and spreadsheet is authentic.

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