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Nepal Police to Establish Cyber Bureau


Cybercrime is one of the growing concern in the present. In the past one year, more than 58 government websites of Nepal have been hacked. Concerned with the cybercrimes and cyber-attacks, Nepal Police has taken the initiative to establish a cyber bureau.

In the present, the Central Investigation Bureau(CIB) and MPCD( Metropolitan Police Crime Division) of Nepal Police works on the cases of cybercrime.  The recent cybercrimes unveil the weakness of the country’s cyberspace.

According to a reliable source in Nepal Police,  an effective cyber bureau is going to be established to deal with the cybercrimes. The groundwork for which has already been laid out. The bureau also plans to work with internet service providers to ensure cybersecurity.  With this, the bureau plans to secure the cyberspace and enhance awareness among users of malware infection.

Any person involved in cybercrime is liable to Rs 100,000 in fine or five years in jail or both under Article 47 of the existing law.

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