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Nepal Open University to Launch Master’s Degree Program From March

Image Courtesy: nou.edu.np

Nepal Open University (NOU) is going to launch a Master’s degree program from March.

The details:

  • NOU is offering Master’s degree course in Pedagogy Science in the second week of March. They are planning to start M. Phil program in education and Master’s degree program in IT.
  • The university will run 68 programs in three streams — Social Science and Education, Management and Law and Science, Health and Teaching faculty.
  • NOU will be collaborating with Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) for the purpose.
  • MOODLE is an internet-based education website through which students gets access to assignments and lectures, and they can also upload their assignments on the website.
  • Along with this, NOU is also holding talks with American and British universities to introduce collaborative program.

Why it matters:

  • Open universities help to acquire university degrees without requiring attending classes. It offers reading materials, guidelines and assignments through Internet. Students are asked to complete their assignments and do regular research online. They attend the professors’ lectures through Internet where professors upload their lectures on a regular basis.

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