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Nepal Government to Measure the Height of Mt. Everest

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The government of Nepal has started measuring the height of Mt. Everest. This is the first time government has taken such a measure.

According to Ganesh Prasad Bhatt, Director of the Meteorological Department, a team of 10 International experts will help in measuring the height using modern technology. The help of International experts has been taken for International recognition of the measurement.

To increase the efficiency of the measurement, the Meteorological Department is organizing a workshop on 24th and 25th Mangsir 2074. Experts from different countries such as USA, China, India, and Japan will attend this workshop.

Suggestions from experts will be taken into consideration to improve the strategies proposed by the government of Nepal for the measurement of Mt. Everest. According to  Bhatt, since this is the first time Nepal has taken such a step they want to ensure that there are no disputes and the measurement is successful.

The department will consider twelve sites for the measurement of height. Among the twelve, four points will be evaluated first. The department also said that snowfall can delay the work in the sites by a few months.

As the survey department of Nepal has had an experience of over 60 years and they’re conversant with new technologies in the field, they’re hopeful in estimating that the measurements will be completed within four years.

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