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Nepal eSports Championship 2018 Kicks Off Tomorrow: Prize Pool of Rs. 4,30,000

Nepal’s first “Nepal E-Sports Championship 2018” is set to kick-off tomorrow, 17th August 2018 at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu. It’s a first of its kind event that is being organized by Nepal E-sports Association. It’s fascinating that this event will be streamed live on iFlix. There have been some esports tournaments in Nepal but this is the biggest event till date. The event will run for two days till 18th August and will feature Dota 2 and CS:GO as the primary games.

The total prize pool of the event is stated to be Rs. 4,30,000 which will be scattered among the winners and runner-ups of Dota 2 and CS:GO. The prize money for the first place winner is Rs. 1 Lakh 50 Thousand and Rs. 65 Thousand for second place winners for both games.

Now, besides these popular e-sports games, the event will also feature a PUBG mobile contest. Surely, many of us play PUBG even if we suck at it. So, if you want to participate, go to the venue and register for this mobile event.

Other than the gaming competition, there will be other events as well including Opening talent by Swoopna Suman, VR Showcase, Mobile Showcase, Sponsor Showcase, PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Mobile Gaming, Game Developers Showcase, Cosplay, Face Painting, Merchandise, Food stalls, Door Prizes, Food and other competitions.

As a casual gamer, I hope this event helps to transform the insignificant e-sports scene of Nepal into something substantial. Well, a few years ago I enjoyed an easy group victory in a Dota 2 tournament that would later develop into a heart-wrenching exit from the tournament with the team “SadBois”. Nevertheless, I would never forget the grit, anxiety, and excitement.

There are lots of young and talented gamers in Nepal and they would do great if they could get more platforms like these. I mean playing games and streaming is a very viable option if you’re good at it. Nepal hasn’t realized this yet but the esports scene is fast growing and could turn out to be something that Nepalis adore just like football or cricket. Well, good luck to all of the participating teams in the event. We hope it turns out to be great, GG!

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