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Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) to Promote Electric Vehicles

The completion of Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project (UTHEP) by end of next year will produce 456-megawatt electricity, the surplus amount of energy. For the utilization of the energy, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has taken the initiative to promote Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Image: BC Hydro

The NEA has formulated the plan to install charging stations in the capital and then expand in other parts of the country. NEA has already purposed tender from private firms to install charging stations. The authority is also considering to make it mandatory for top-level officials to use the electric vehicles to promote the use of electric vehicles. NEA also plans to set up high-capacity batteries for the charging stations to store energy during off-seasons.

The government, in its Fiscal 2016/17, has given incentives to EVs by reducing the customs tariff. However, Department of Transport Management (DOTM) has not shown any willingness to provide route permit to electric vehicles. This could dampen the promotion of electric vehicles as public transportation.

The use of EVs will help Nepal in the long run. It will not only save foreign currencies but will also encourage hydro projects. These incentives will also reduce carbon emissions and reduce the use of petroleum products.

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