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NEA Calls for Tenders To Install Underground Power Cables

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Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has called for tenders to install underground power cables in the northern part of the Kathmandu Valley.

According to the bid notice issued on Sunday, international competitive bidding will be conducted in accordance with the ADB’s ‘single stage two-envelope bidding procedure’ where interested parties will have to submit the technical and financial bids in two envelopes respectively. The technical bids will be opened on September 20 in presence of the bidders’ representatives chosen to attend while the financial bids will remain sealed. The financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will only be opened, and the rest will be returned sealed after the contract is awarded, reports The Kathmandu Post.

To improve the distribution of electricity, the state-owned power utility decided to put electricity cables underground and remove overhead lines.

The agenda of this project is to meet the growing energy demand in the Valley and increase the capacity and reliability of distribution of networks. The use of insulated cables for overhead lines and smart meters will aid in the successful implementation of distribution of automated network underground, according to the NEA.

This project is funded by the Government of Nepal and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

“The power utility’s existing distribution system is very fragile leading to abrupt power cuts despite adequate supply,” said Kulman Ghising, the managing director of NEA.

The Valley’s existing distribution network can’t support a load of more than 400 MW. The NEA is planning to upgrade it to be able to support up to 2,000 MW. “Laying underground cables along with building new substations will enhance our load bearing capacity,” said Ghising.

NEA further plans to replace the electric wires under the Ratna Park Distribution Centre by underground cables, and gradually, replace the distribution system of the entire Valley.

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