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NEA Yet to Receive Dues Worth Over a Billion

Nepal Electricity Authority
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Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) under a debt of 1.39 billion as payment for the street lights in the Capital.

NEA is also yet to collect Rs 3.61 billion from different municipalities as payment for the electricity in the street lights.

Also, small and cottage industries and private households collectively owe pay Rs 500 million.

Similarly, government offices are yet to pay Rs 309 million.

It has been years since KMC paid its due to NEA. In all these years, NEA has not installed any system to check the power consumption of street lights. NEA gives the street light consumption by subtracting the measured consumption from total consumption.

However, KMC says that NEA has not included any factors of power leakage. This means that KMC has to pay for all power leakages as well.

Concerning the bills of municipalities, the government has come to a decision that the municipalities cannot be expected to pay such huge amounts. And hence, the government is going to pay the dues for this time.

Also regarding small and cottage industries and private households, NEA does not believe they will pay the due bills.

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