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Ncell PRBT Aafnai Dhun: Record Your Own Voice as PRBT & Chance to Win Rs. 30k Each Week!

Ncell has brought yet another new scheme for its customers – “Aafnai Dhun”. With this new scheme, Ncell customers can now record their own voice and set them as PRBT (Playback Ringtone) for either themselves or others. This feature was released publicly on the 23rd of September and is now on air for anybody to use it.

But is that all?

Nope it isn’t. There’s a small twist that will definitely tempt you to at least give this offer a try. As mentioned, you can either upload your own PRBT or use other’s PRBT for your ringtone. The twist here is that if your ringtone gets downloaded or used the greatest number of times, then you’ll be declared as this week’s winner. Every week two people are selected for the winner and runner-up positions.

So, what happens if you become a winner or a runner-up?

Well, if you do manage to become a winner, you get Rs 30,000 cash prize! Subsequently, the runner-up position secures a Rs 20,000 cash prize!

That’s not all; On the first activation of the tone, a tone owner earns Rs 3 as bonus balance and after that, the owner will get Rs 30 bonus on every 10 activations of the tone. The validity of bonus balance is for 30 days, with which they can use for the on-net call, SMS and browsing data!

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One thing to note is that you need to get more and more people to use your PRBT. How do you do that? It’s simple. You can just upload you PRBT to any social media sites and ask people to try them out. Sharing them on social media sites will help you earn extra bonus and stand a chance to win prizes on each activation.

One last thing before you apply, this campaign will be valid for all prepaid customers till November 12, 2019. Keeping aside these technical details, let’s see how we can use this scheme to our benefit.

How can you apply for the “Afnai Dhun” PRBT scheme?

Well, I tried it out and it’s quite easy actually. Just follow the steps below and you’re good to go:

  • Go in to your phone and dial 17117
  • Press 5 then press 1
  • And just record the PRBT. The maximum length of the tone can be up to 29 seconds.
  • Once completed, press # and the press 4 to save it as public PRBT Afnai Dhun
  • It costs Rs 10 (excluding tax) to create and save

After recorded, PRBT owners will get their tone identity (ID) code and a link in an SMS. This link can then be shared in social networking sites and there you have it, your own PRBT ringtone.

That’s all for now. If you wish to know more about the offer follow this link to their official site and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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