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Ncell Introduces My Plan: Create Your Custom Service Bundle


  • Ncell introduced My Plan, allowing customers to make a custom bundle of voice, data, and SMS.
  • The plan has two options: My Plan 500 and My Plan Flexi.
  • Corporate and postpaid users can rent the plan for a 30-day cycle and customize it through the Ncell App.

Ncell Axiata Limited introduced My Plan on May 18, 2023, offering customers a personalized plan to choose voice, data, and SMS based on their individual needs.

Ncell My Plan
Ncell My Plan

This first-of-its-kind plan, launched under Ncell for Business (N4B), specifically targets enterprise customers.

Ncell My Plan

My Plan has two options: My Plan 500 and My Plan Flexi, allowing customers to determine the volume of data, on-net and off-net voice, and SMS services they desire.

All corporate and postpaid users can use the plan on a rental basis for the 30 days cycle and plans can be customized via Ncell App.

Customers can opt for My Plan 500, priced at Rs. 500 including taxes, or My Plan Flexi, which has the flexibility to define larger volumes of voice, data, and SMS services. With My Plan 500, customers can make a bundle of voice, data, and SMS services worth a total of Rs. 500.

Moreover, in addition to the provided resource volumes, customers activating any of the plans will receive free 2500 minutes of on-net (Ncell to Ncell) calls and 1000 SMS services. These resources are applicable during business hours 6 am to 6 pm.

With the My Plan Flexi option, customers can freely select a combination of voice, data, and SMS services to create their customized bundled pack. The more resources the customers choose the charges for service will come down.

The plan price will be based on resources defined by customers, with a maximum allowance of 200GB for data, 2500 minutes for talk time, and 2500 SMS messages.

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How to Buy Ncell My Plan

Follow the steps below to buy Ncell My Plan.

  1. Open the Ncell App on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the menu bar at the top-right corner.
  3. Tap on the profile.
  4. Tap on the “My Plan.”
  5. Select the required voice, data, and SMS volume to create your own service pack.

It is a rental service, so customers need to clear the rental charge before the 30-day period expires in order to avoid restrictions on outgoing calls, SMS, and data services.

Meanwhile, if all the resources are consumed before the end of 30 days cycle, they can continue using normal service through the normal mode of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or buy the required normal pack of voice, data, and SMS service.

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