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National Academy of Science and Technology’s Official Website Hacked

The official website of National Academy of Science and Technology has been hacked. The Filipino black hat hacking group PinoyLulzSec has claimed that they were responsible for the hack.

Update: The site has been restored after this news was published.

The Backstory:

  • The Filipino black hat hacking group did a hacking spree back in the beginning of April. They claimed that they hacked the websites and leaked information from the sites to mock the cyber security of those sites.
  • The hacked websites mostly included those from government agencies, schools, and companies based in the Philippines, and abroad including India, Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

One More Thing:

Why it Matters:

  • This goes on to show how poorly Internet security is regarded by the government when the apex body to promote science and technology has its website compromised.

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