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NADA Auto Show 2019: Everything You Should Know About the Biggest Auto Show in Nepal!

“NADA Auto Show 2019 is coming.”

Every article I’ve written for the past week or so includes that line. As some point, you might take me for an idiot for pointing out something so trivial, in every article.

Well, there’s a reason for that… 14th NADA Auto Show is here, and nobody is talking about it!

Let me rephrase that. The people are talking about the NADA Auto Show 2019, but that’s not enough. Every big event comes along with a certain hype. So, the 2019 NADA Auto Show show get all the hype it deserves!

If you didn’t know, NADA Auto Show 2019 might just dethrone previous year’s event with sheer numbers of motorcycles, cars, and other automobile parts, both in terms of unveiling and sales. The previous year, the event just casually hit the Rs. 5 Billion marks, without even breaking a sweat. This year, the sales are expected to be a record high.

Anyways, we’re here to tell you all about the 14th Edition NADA Auto Show. Here’s every little detail you should know about the event. Without further ado, let’s get started!

NADA Auto Show 2019: What to Expect?

Let’s be honest here, 14th Annual NADA Auto Show is expected to surpass any other event done in the previous year. Furthermore, NADA Association, the brains behind the operation, is expected to put on a show, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

In comparison, the 14th Edition of the event will showcase different automobile brands from across the country. According to a press release, 23 brands of four-wheelers, 19 brands of two-wheelers, 14 brands of garage-auto components, 13 financial institutions, 12 brands of lubricants, 9 brands of tires, and 5 brands of batteries have been confirmed. Additionally, the total number of stalls has also increased, reaching an incredible 160!

Yes, the number of stalls has increased. So, how will NADA put everything under the same roof? Especially, with the limited availability of area at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall.

Well, the event organizers are well-aware of this situation. With expected visitors of 75,000+ along with 160 stalls, proper floor planning is an essential element! Plus, it will be interesting to see how the entire event unfolds. Hopefully, the event will be well-organized and congestion-free!

NADA Auto Show 2019: Attractions

Alright. We’ve already said that NADA Auto Show 2019 will host many different brands from across the nation. So, let’s be a little more specific.

As of this writing, all the major four-wheel players like Hyundai, MG, TATA, Jeep, Renault, etc. will be there. Likewise, all the major two-wheel players like Yamaha, Bajaj, Benelli, Scomadi, Hero, etc. will be there.

Among them, I’m pretty sure, all eyes are going to be on either Audi e-Tron or TATA Harrier. Personally, I’m interested in both!

If you want to go into more detail, be sure to check our list for Upcoming Cars in Nepal, Upcoming Bikes in Nepal, and Upcoming Scooters in Nepal.

NADA Auto Show 2019: Event Date, Pricing & Lucky Draw Prize

We’re ready! We’re set!

Let’s get all the pesky details out of the way. NADA Auto Show 2019 will officially start from Tuesday, August 27 to Sunday, September 1, 2019. Moreover, it will be an exclusive 6-day event for everything automobile!

As for the pricing, the tickets for NADA Auto Show 2019 will be the same as before. The ticket price for normal consumers is set at Rs. 200. Likewise, the ticket price for the students is set at Rs. 150.

Additionally, don’t lose your ticket, just yet! After the event, you will be eligible to win GPX Gentleman 200cc motorcycle through a lucky draw, thanks to Omega Automobiles!

So, 14th Edition of NADA Auto Show is upon us! I’ll be there, hope you will be there too!

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