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Nepal Airlines Frantically Looking For Capable Pilots as New Aircrafts Lie Idle

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Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) urgently needs captains to fly its two new 17-seater Y12e aircraft that arrived from China. From their arrival on February 13, the aircrafts have been sitting idle on the tarmac, reports The Kathmandu Post.

The details:

  • Finding a pilot could take months or even years so the new planes could remain grounded for a long time.
  • According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) rules, pilots flying international routes must have a minimum level of English known as ICAO Operational Level 4, to communicate with air traffic controllers regularly.
  • NAC has produced only three captains and an instructor pilot to fly the Y12e aircraft in the last three years. Out of the four, one has resigned; one has taken leave and another one has not updated his flying licence leaving only one captain for the 4 aircrafts.

What they are saying:

  • Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar of NAC said, “We have planned to hire three English-speaking captains from China and have already started the process.”
  • “There is a shortage of pilots globally, and Nepal is not free from this problem,” he said, adding that it was particularly difficult finding pilots who speak English fluently.
  • Kansakar said that the plane supplier has assured them of providing English-speaking Chinese captains.

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