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MoFALD Launches Website with Details of All Local Levels

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) launched a website with all the details of 753 local levels of the country, reports The Himalayan Times.

The website has a Geographic Information System (GIS) map and a local level detail list. The GIS map covers Nepal with its states and districts. When a district is selected, it shows different details of the district like the total number of wards, total population, area and development committees in it.

The local level detail list shows a list of development committees sorted according to the state number, district and metropolitan and village.

It has a link to the map of the area and also to the district website.

Ministry secretary Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said that the portal would help make the local levels information-friendly based on information technology and also, to deliver good governance and transparent services by internalizing the information technology.

He further added that local levels can add or remove their information on the website and maps as per the need. According to Thapaliya, a mobile app for the Ministry has also been developed along with the website.

The website can be accessed at

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