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#happyhostellers Photo Challenge by MeroHostel.com

merohostel-happyhostellersMeroHostel.com have come up with a contest for all the hostellers! The participants are supposed to take a picture with their fellow hostellers and submit it with a caption to it. The picture with highest number of likes will win the contest and will get 6 movie tickets at FCube Cinemas.


# Message merohostel.com a photo showcasing your happiness.
(Go to Merohostel.com Facebook page >> Click MESSAGE >> and Send your Hostel’s Name, Picture and Contact Number there.)
# Also provide a caption for your photo.
# There must be more than 3 people in the photograph, else, it won’t be accepted.
# Merohostel.com will upload the pictures in an album named “#happyhostellers PHOTO
# You will be notified with the link of your photo after submission. Then, you can share the image to increase the number of likes.
# You must like the page first to make your vote count.
# Competition ends on December 14, 2015, 11:59 pm. The faster you send, the more time you’ll have to increase the likes. Start sending your photo now!!

We hope MeroHostel.com will be able to reach the public with this contest. Good luck to them!

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