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Nepali Food Delivery Company Mero Kinmel Extends Its Service to Butwal

Mero Kinmel, a Nepali on-demand food delivery service company that had previously operated exclusively in Chitwan, expanded its service to Butwal in October 2021.

Mero Kinmel Now in Butwal
Mero Kinmel Now in Butwal

Customers can place food orders through the platform’s website or mobile application, which is available on iOS and Android. Over 50 restaurants in Butwal, including Black Forest, KKFC, Hotel View, Diyalo Foodland, and Ganpati Sweets, have already partnered with the platform.

In addition to food, the service company also delivers beverages and grocery items. The service company also accepts digital payments, including eSewa, Khalti, MasterCard, Visa, and Union Pay.

Santosh Kandel and Sushil Sapkota, co-founders of Mero Kinmel
Santosh Kandel (left) and Sushil Sapkota (right), co-founders of Mero Kinmel

Mero Kinmel was co-founded by Santosh Kandel and Sushil Sapkota in October 2015 as an online shopping platform in Chitwan. Hence, the name “Mero Kinmel”. But because of the 2015 Nepal earthquake followed by the 2015 Nepal blockade, the co-founders were unable to operate the company as planned.

Only in 2019 did the company begin to operate actively. Kandel told TechLekh that they initially experimented with a variety of products, including mobile phones, clothing, electronics, and food delivery services.

Then, as the food delivery service grew in popularity, the company shifted its business model to focus exclusively on food delivery.

Mero Kinmel Homepage
Mero Kinmel Homepage

Santosh Kandel, CEO and co-founder of Mero Kinmel, says it was difficult to convince people and restaurants during the first two months of the company’s launch in Butwal. But now the response is good, he said.

The delivery company offers services from 10 AM to 8:30 PM and currently employs a total of 20 people: 15 in Chitwan and 5 in Butwal. As of now, it has partnered with over 150 restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores in Chitwan and around 50 in Butwal. The company plans to expand its partnership with additional restaurants in the near future.

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