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Bibek Acharya develops “Mero College” App to make things easier for students

In Nepal, plenty of renowned colleges are available offering different degrees of education. They do their best to provide quality education and facilities to the students. But even such reputed colleges have some minor flaws that need to be taken in hand. One of the many flaws is the lack of coordination between students, teachers, and administration. Students often copy their study materials like assignments, routines.

But not anymore, with young developers becoming more thirsty of creating an idea for the solving these kinds of problems. The chances of the problem getting in our way are way less than before.

The problem solver here is Mero College App. Founded and Developed by Bibek Acharya, Designed by Mabiraj Shrestha and Market lead by Nirab Acharya, the app lets colleges manage the routines, news, notices, notes and resources for their students from an easy admin panel. The students can download the App and access the resources set by the college from within the App.cover banner

Bibek says, “Initially it had been an app just for my college, later I thought it would be better to make the app useful for other colleges as well so that students can select their college’s name, faculty, semester from the app and college administration can control the content from an easy admin panel.

He expressed his hatred on capturing pictures of routines, notices, and the struggle to get notes from teachers. All the mess in the phone’s gallery would lead the students to frustration. So at first, he thought of creating an app that would make it easy to access all the notices, class routines and notes from his college in one place.

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He developed the app (for Android) and a web based admin panel to update content for the app easily. The founder says, “Admin Panel was nice and easy to update the contents of the app. Later I thought, other colleges and their students might be facing the same problem that I was facing and maybe I should change the app to fit all the colleges and their respective faculties. So I changed the app’s name to Mero College.

As of now, the app is in the subscription model. Colleges pay Rs. 499/month or Rs.999/month to register and use the admin panel, whereas registered college students can download the app and access the resources by selecting their college, faculty and semester.

You can preview the app here: Mero College app.

Q & A Section on Mero College app

To know more about him and Mero College app, we (TL) talked with Bibek Acharya (BA)  and asked him a few questions. Here is what he had to say:

TL: Can you point out the challenges while building the app

BA: The main challenge I faced while building the app was the time constraints due to my exams and my part time job. I developed this app during late nights after returning home from the job.

Founder pic
Founder, Bibek Acharya

TL: What are the marketing strategies to sell the app?

BA: Firstly, we will visit the colleges and explain the details about the app and how they can have an app for their own college at minimal cost. We also have a referral program where colleges can refer other colleges. On each sign up from the college, the referrer will get 2 months of FREE usage.

 TL: Do you think college will be interested in this app?

BA: To develop a custom app for college itself is not a cheap task to do. And even after investing that much of money, if the college cannot get the satisfaction of using the app, then the money goes to waste. But With our App, colleges can try the App for the first month at the minimum cost.  After that, if the college wants their customized App with their own logo and their Name, they can go with the customized package by paying the one-time cost or they can stick with the monthly subscription model. So yes, colleges might be interested in our product due to the above reasons.

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 TL: What are your future plans with “Mero College” app?

BA: For now, the app is only available on Android so the first plan would be to develop the IOS and Web Version of the App. We will include more features such as getting results from the same app, students portfolios etc.

TL: Any suggestions to newbies who are into app development?

BA: My suggestion would be, if you see any problems you can solve, just do it. Be determined in what you are doing, and give your best.

My opinion on Mero College app

People just say that those who can study well will study no matter what. Well, that’s not always true. To make an environment that best fits for study you have to make sure that all the material is very easily accessible to the students.

For all that I know, Mero College can be an useful app.  In this generation, the concentration span of students has decreased drastically. Even minor flaws occurring repeatedly can deteriorate study habits of students. So this app can definitely be of great help to all the struggling student who want to dig their potential. At last, I would like to wish all the best to the team of Mero College app to reach out to many colleges  and help as many students as possible.

Download Mero College App.

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