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Nepal’s Official .np ccTLD Domain Registration Website Gets Hacked!

register.mos.com.np@Hacked Web Screenshot

The official webpage of Mercantile Domain Registration Service is hacked.

From sources, we have known that the website – www.register.mos.com.np – was hacked late evening on Wednesday. A message is posted on the wall of the hacked webpage that reads “Hacked by PakMonster – We are PakCyber Thunders”.

Also, the hacked webpage reads: “Free Kashmir | Fuck India” with ” Pakistan Zindabad”, and also contains the name of members of its hacker family at the bottom of the page.

Facebook Post from Pak Monster 

The hacked website acts as an official registration site for .np ccTLD domains in Nepal. Mercantile has been providing free of cost booking, renewal, DNS pointing, DNS transfer etc. for .np domains through this website. We have reported this issue to Mercantile, and are waiting to hear from them.

The only question in my mind is that, obviously the hacker team is from Pakistan and are targeting Indian websites, but how come they attacked a Nepali website. And what can be the benefit by hacking this website?

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