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Mahindra Motors Extends Its New Year Scheme

mahindra new year schemeAgni Moto Inc, the authorized dealer of Mahindra’s two-wheelers in Nepal had introduced a New Year Scheme labeled “Naya Barsha ma Yes Pali, Scratch Garoun Deu Tali”. Under the Scheme, any customer purchasing a new Mahindra two-wheeler would get up to 400% cash back bonus. Furthermore, customers also had a chance to scratch the scratch-card twice which is provided with every purchase of a two-wheeler.

Customers had a chance to win up to Rs 100,000 by scratching the first scratch area and a shot to win up 400% bonus of the first scratched prize.

As per the Sales Head at Agni Motor Inc, Pratyush Shrestha, this New Year Scheme of Mahindra’s is extended until the further notice. Shrestha said that the New Year Scheme gathered a lot of positive responses as they have sold more than 400 units of two-wheelers under the Scheme and they are receiving more and more inquiries every day.

This New Year Scheme is only available for limited models – Rockstar, Gusto, Gusto 125, Rodeo and Centuro.

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