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Locus 2019 – 16th National Technological Fest to Start from Feb 7

LOCUS is an annual event organized by the students of Pulchowk engineering campus, Nepal. It is a nationwide technological festival that acts as a platform for bright and eager minds to express their ideas and vision in technology. This event ends with a 3-day long exhibition called the National Tech Festival. This is its 16th edition.

Programs in the exhibition

Many exciting new technologies developed and envisioned by our Nepali minds will be displayed in this tech fest. It will take place on 7th, 8th, and 9th February 2019 in Pulchowk Campus. Competition such as Theme and Non-theme based Project Demonstration, hardware competition, software competition, and electrical project competition will take place. Apart from these generic competitions, the event will also feature exciting programs like Robowarz, Dronacharya, and Robolocus.

What is interesting?

Robo warz is a robot battle competition where the metallic monsters wrestle to out each other from the arena. Think of it as metal sumo. Robolocus is a robotics competition for the juniors where the robots are tested in their skill at a simplified polo-esque game. There is also a computer gaming session included in the event. But none of these beats my favorite program: Dronacharya. Dronacharya is a drone race with killer blends, weird obstacles, and tasks. It would be like watching small, annoying, whirring dots fly in the sky.


This 3-day exhibition is preceded by events such as Code Jam, walkathon, numerous workshops, software fellowship, hardware fellowship, hack-a-week, energy hackathon, code camp, tech debate and more. These pre-events are already underway.

What happens after?

After the National Tech Festival, a post-event will be conducted for award distribution. Winners in the thematics competition, winners in the open competition, winner in people’s choice award, and winner in the most applicable project along with 20+ other participants will receive awards in their respective categories. The award distribution ceremony will be followed by an appreciation session. This would formally conclude LOCUS exhibition for the year 2019.


The theme of LOCUS 2019 is Rural Development Using ICT. The rural development theme was divided into four categories: Food and agriculture, Industry and Employment, Education and Health, and Energy Mobilization. The technologies that will be displayed in the exhibition will focus on simplicity, efficiency, feasibility, productivity, and sustainability.


Several people from different walks of life will be attending LOCUS 2019. You can see students, tech professionals, professors and teachers, tech enthusiasts, and investors in this event. Techlekh is proud to be the media partner of LOCUS 2019. We wish LOCUS all the best for another successful exhibition.

If you want to register for the program, or just want to know more about it, you can visit LOCUS 2019’s official website.

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