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Lishn.com, the First Nepali Music Streaming Website Launches its Android App Today

lishn appLishn.com is an online music streaming platform where users get to listen music uploaded by Nepali musicians. It is the first platform in Nepal that provides musicians an online alternative to earn every time when somebody listens their songs.

A musician can upload his/her song on Lishn for free. As a musician, to upload the songs, there are no listed criteria’s to join the platform as long as you have some songs recorded and you have full rights to it.

Lishn.com had launched its web app on the 1st of Baisakh. And now, to extend its legacy in the Nepali online music market it has launched its beta version of android app today. This app aims to serve as fast, reliable and hassle free way to stream songs. You can tune to most popular and trending songs in the platform using the app.

The app has ability to run the app in the background, so you could do other stuff while listening to the songs. Also, an interactive sticky notification that lets user know which song is being played and also control the music player (Play, Pause, Next, Previous functionality). You can also use your lock screen control to control over the music player even when the screen is locked without having to open the app, or even unlocking the phone.

Here is quick tour of the app. Have a watch!


If you are a true Nepali music fan, a musician than want to flourish his songs then this app is undoubtedly for you.

Download the app, give it a try, and let us know what you think of it by commenting below.

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