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These Nepali Learning Platforms Will Keep Your Kids Educated During Lockdown

Just a week ago, the Government of Nepal initiated its week-long lockdown. However, there are on-going rumors that the lock-down might get extended for another week or two.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m bored! Staying at home and doing nothing is… boring. In order to relieve myself of such boredom, I decided to learn something new.

During my research, I came across Rosetta Stone Inc.

Rosetta Stone is a great place to learn a new language. Interestingly, it won the PCMAG Editors’ Choice award for the Best Language Learning Software for 7 years in a row! Anyways, it is now offering three months free to learn any language for kids! Obviously, it says for kids, but parents can use this opportunity as well!

Photo credit: OLE Nepal

So, this got me thinking.

What are other free services to help our children get through this lockdown?

Honestly, I was quite surprised to see that there were many Nepali platforms offering free education, free books and more. So, I’ve compiled a list of places where your kids can learn something new during the lockdown.

Deerwalk Learning Center

Deerwalk Learning Center (DLC) is a not-for-profit educational organization established to provide free video lectures from Class 4 to Class 12. Moreover, the videos are developed as per the syllabus developed by the Curriculum Development Committee.

You can easily explore the 30+ subjects across 1700+ videos! Especially for the SEE students, you can polish up your course set to grab that 4.0 GPA!

Furthermore, these lectures can be easily accessed through their official website (http://dlc.dwit.edu.np/). But if you prefer more personalized experience, Deerwalk Learning Center also introduced its mobile app which can be downloaded from the play store!

DLC: Website / Android App


E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused free and open digital library. It features thousands of books, educational videos, audio-books, reference materials and interactive learning software for FREE! There are about 6845+ books, 2319 audiobooks, 564 videos from 3870 authors! Moreover, these span from course books to literature books for both students and teachers alike!

You can explore new literature or brush up on your course materials or learn something new! Again, you can access any materials on this site for FREE!

Designed and deployed by OLE Nepal, it is targeted at school-level children, teachers, and guardians to learn from the comfort of home.

E-Pustakalaya: Website / Android App

Smaterr App

Okay, the next few apps on this list are pretty similar to one another. So, few features are going to resemble one another.

In Smaterr App, the students can select from four different topics: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Moreover, it features Video components to present the topics. Each individual topic is divided into sub-divisions of shorter length. This way, the videos are way more interesting and effective.

The app asks you to take a quiz each time you finish a topic. It highlights each individual topic in questions which is great for remembering things. There’s also a section in this app called learning record. This section keeps track of how many questions you’ve attempted and how many were correct.

Smaterr: Website / Android App

Midas eCLASS

Midas is a learning application for students from Nursery to Class 10. It lines up subjects along with the topics in a colorful user-interface.

Additionally, you will get access to different Animated Video Lessons, Tutorial Classes, Quizzes, and Exercises. Interestingly, you can score points, challenge a friend, and even take part in leaderboards!

Compared to other services on this list, Midas eCLASS is more exam-oriented. However, it requires people to purchase packs to study specific topics.

As of this writing, Midas eCLASS is offering a free subscription for 31 days! Simply, download the app and use the voucher code “PABSON” to utilize this offer.

Midas eCLASS: Website / Android App


Surely, Midas eCLASS in a useful application. However, it relies heavily on subscription. Plus, it is a little more complicated for one’s liking. So, there’s has to be an easy alternative, right?


Kullabs is here to bring a more exam-oriented approach, providing a free alternative to Midas. It features Quality Notes, Study Materials, Academic Contents, Videos and Games for Middle school, High School and Colleges Students and young learners.

Just head on to their site, and start learning!

Kullabs: Website / Android App

On a side note, Neemacademy is yet another honorable mention. Both Neemacademy and Kullabs provide quality education for FREE. Personally, I’d recommend choosing either one of Neemacademy or Kullabs over Midas eCLASS.

Well, this has been just for the kids. However, there something I’d like to recommend for the adults as well!

Check out The Doers Nepal and their amazing podcast episodes to help you pass time more easily.

So, that’s our list of Nepali learning platforms that you can make use of to educate your kids during the lockdown! Did I miss any out? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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