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Learn To Learn by RAN – Take your first step towards a better future!

Once you pass the infamous ‘Iron Gate’, you enter a world which is full of opportunities and choices. You feel like you have completed the most daunting phase, but the journey has just begun. End of school life is just the beginning of maturity. The leisure time you have after the SLC can be vital if utilized properly. You can take the first step in pursuit of your dream career. If you chose to do so, then “Learn To Learn” may be the right choice for you.

learn to learn

Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) organizes Learn To Learn (L2L) for SLC appeared students. L2L is a short period course with the long term vision and the objective of developing multiple skills set for an individual. The course aims to develop a firm foundation for students to plan their career and enhance their technical skills.

Though the course doesn’t act as bridge for the +2 level, it will definitely prove to be fruitful for the entire career and personality development of student.

According to Amit Khadka and Utsab Shrestha,the coordinators of the program, L2L major goals are:

  • Creating an experiential learning classroom.
  • Building facilitation skills in the students.
  • Enhancing learning through better debriefing.
  • Empowering students through the use of creative thinking tools and techniques.
  • Integrating accelerated learning principles in all our lesson plans.
  • Communication activities in classroom.
  • Making students engaged and involved.

Outline for L2L

  1. Research based learning
  • Research on particular topic
  • Idea pitching
  • Report writing
  • Paper presentation
  • Powerpoint presentation


You can learn skills like writing skills, presentation skills, creativity along with leadership quality. You can also develop the ability of self learning, self motivation and self responsibility from this course.

2Logic Development

  • Introduction to programming
  • Programming in scratch
  • Interactive projects using scratch


You can kick start your programming skills, mature the ability to logical thinking along with the expertise of collaborative learning.

3. Robotics

  • Basic knowledge on electronics
  • Programming in Arduino IDE
  • Making automated line following robot


This course will be the catalyst for your step in robotics and help in advancing programming skills and hardware, software interfacing.

It is always better for the students to learn new things rather than being idle and build your skill set for the future. And Kofi Annan once said “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.“. So, the more you learn, the more powerful you get.


Event Details

Training Cost: Rs.5000
Venue: RAN Office, Pulchowk
Duration: Baishakh 20 to Jestha 6  
For more detail about the event, click here.
And to register, click here.

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