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Leapfrog Technology’s Women’s Internship Program Successfully Concluded


  • Leapfrog Technology successfully concludes its Women’s Internship Program, empowering aspiring female software engineers.
  • Over the course of six weeks, 12 talented interns participated in the program.
  • The program aimed to empower interns, foster inclusivity, and create an environment that enables women to thrive in the tech industry.

Leapfrog Technology, one of the leading software development companies in Nepal, announced the successful conclusion of its Women’s Internship Program.

Leapfrog Technology
Leapfrog Technology

The program aimed to provide aspiring female software engineers with hands-on experience, mentorship, and a supportive environment to enhance their skills.

Over the course of six weeks, from April 27 to June 8, 2023, 12 talented interns participated in the program and gained valuable insights into the world of software engineering.

During the internship program, the interns immersed themselves in various activities related to software engineering. They engaged in discussions about their internship experience, familiarized themselves with the company’s culture, and embarked on a journey of professional growth.

Guided by experienced mentors, the interns actively participated in programming skill development, collaborative assignments, and real-world project exposure. They were encouraged to explore their potential, enhance their technical abilities, and develop essential problem-solving skills.

Leapfrog Technology Women's Internship Program
Leapfrog Technology Women’s Internship Program

“We are immensely proud of the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by our interns during their time with us. The Women’s Internship Program at Leapfrog Technology is designed to empower aspiring software engineers and equip them with the necessary skills to thrive in the industry,” said Simran Panthi, Software Engineer, one of the trainers involved in the program.

Throughout the internship, the interns had the opportunity to closely work with mentors who provided guidance, support, and invaluable insights into the field of software engineering. The program aimed to foster an inclusive and empowering environment, enabling the interns to gain confidence, unlock their potential, and pave the way for future success.

Reflecting on her experience, one of the interns, Yashaswee Sakha shared, “The Women’s Internship Program at Leapfrog Technology has been an incredible journey of learning and growth. I have had the privilege to work alongside talented professionals and expand my programming skills. This program has instilled in me the confidence to pursue a career in software engineering.”

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Another intern, Aayusha Bista, added, “The mentorship and guidance I received during the internship have been invaluable. Leapfrog Technology has created a nurturing environment where we were encouraged to explore our potential and challenge ourselves. I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to embark on my professional journey.”

Leapfrog Technology extends its warmest congratulations to all the interns who successfully completed the Women’s Internship Program. The company remains committed to supporting diversity, inclusivity, and fostering an environment that empowers women in the tech industry.

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