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Kurukshetra’s Gaming Event Successfully Conducted

Whenever we think about live events, it is usually about limited to live music and food stalls. However, Kurukshetra Nepal did something totally different!

On September 21, Kurukshetra Nepal hosted the very first LED Screening of Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB). Moreover, the event was hosted with the title sponsor, Huawei App Gallery and associate partner, The British College.

According to the event representative, the e-Sports tournament saw an attendance of 500+ people. Moreover, Miss. Malvika Subba (Former Miss Nepal) were among the many celebrity guests. Furthermore, the event included the right mix of music, food, and crowd.

Additionally, Kyubi’s Kitchen, Moza Socks, Monster Meal, Finer Threads, and Red Circle provided some awesome foods!

Event Highlights!

If you missed out the event, don’t worry! Let me give you a quick highlight of everything that happened!

Before anything, let’s not forget, Kurukshetra was still an e-Sports competition at heart!

There was an intense battle for the number 1 position at MLBB. Two teams, TEAM Ying Yang and TEAM Pain, battled their hearts out for over 22-minutes! Furthermore, the crowds gasped in awe and wonder. Ultimately, TEAM Pain emerged victoriously!

Sandip Shrestha, Newton, Satyan Khadgi, Sanskar Shrestha, Siddhartha Sherpa, and Nirdesh Adhikari of TEAM Pain took home Rs. 40,000 cash prize along with other amazing goodies! Likewise, TEAM Ying Yang, first-runner up, took home Rs. 20,000 cash prize along with few other goodies. Finally, TEAM Ultra Reborn, the second runner up, took home Rs. 12,000 cash prizes with few goodies.

Moving on, there was also a cosplay competition! Moreover, the competition was organized and judged by Kyubi’s Kitchen along with guest judge Miss. Malvika Subba. Among the many wonderful and creative cosplays, Miss Jenie Khaling Rai won the competition dressed up as Peafowl Pharsa. Moreover, she took home Rs. 40,000 cash prize along with many exciting accessories! Furthermore, there was an Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 10,000 cash prizes for the second and third places respectively.

After a series of exciting competitions, unfortunately, the show must come to an end. Since the event kicked off with a music performance, it would only fair to end it in the same manner.

Finally, Sabin Rai and The Monkey Temples took to the stage. Personally, this was the event highlight for me! I guess that their performance had drama, charisma, and excitement! Honestly, it was a befitting end to a mind-blowing event!

Plus, I say this from the bottom of my heart, “Awesome work, Kurukshetra!”

We hope to witness it again, with the same level of excitement and joy, next year!

Here’s are some pictorial highlights from the event!

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