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Komal Antivirus, A Nepali Antivirus by a 17yr Old Software Developer Bags Second International Certificate

Komal Antivirus, which is a Nepali software has bagged a second international certificate last month November 15. This time it’s been certified by PCSL. PCSL stands for PC Security Labs, an IT Consulting Institute. PCSL is one of the 6 top certification company in the world. PCSL certificate is more powerful than OPSWAT. PCSL is also the member of AMSTO. The full form of AMSTO is – Anti-malware testing standards organization. Earlier in September Komal Antivirus has won its first international certificate from OPSWAT, which is recognized by Microsoft and Cisco.

komal antivirus

This certificate means these software’s are able to be detected by leading technology solutions and become visible on the management stations like Microsoft, Cisco and many more. The OPSWAT Certification Program is the industry standard for interoperability certification of endpoint security software applications. This is the first level that verifies whether software is international standard or not. With this certification, it will be easy for a company to gain worldwide computer users trust.

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About the developer

komal poudyalKomal Poudyal, the software developer is now a seventeen year old, twelfth grade student of computer science, who studies in a college in Kathmandu. He has been working on this projects since last two years and he plans to make it available for consumer by mid December 2015. Komal Antivirus is the only antivirus program made in Nepali language. It will be easier for our local people to use it easily without getting lost in the maze of language bars. This teenage boy is also the CEO of Komal Technologies, which basically develops software’s.

Komal did his schooling from Little Flower High School, Dhangadhi. He has also developed softwares like DevWeb Pro and Komal Antivirus and internet security. Its his passion and hobby to work on coding. He can be reached on facebook.

[Guest post by Sunita Giri. She is a blogger and freelance  writer.]


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    Self promotion at its core, the guy writes the software and promotes it by writing an article on it by himself, narcissistic much ? It’s one thing being praised by someone else for their effort but praising oneself. This made me laugh 😛
    Good job though, congrats on the certification 🙂

    • Hmm…I do not think there is anything wrong with Self-promotion. Besides, he has only mentioned what he has done. I don’t see anything wrong in that. Should you not be able to take credit for things you built on your own? By the way, it was us who reached out to the guy to ask him if he would be interested in writing about the AV because it IS interesting. Although the article did end up seeming like a promotional piece, we are looking into writing a more detailed take on the AV and its performance. Let’s see. 🙂

      EDIT: Seems like there was some miscommunication. The article was not written by Komal himself, but another author. Sorry for the trouble caused.


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