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KhojaConsultancy.com – The New Way Of Searching Consultancies In Nepal; An Account from the Founder himself

I was swept by the rise of IT in my college days. Information Technology is full of promise. Hence, I joined Manipal University. After working for years in a leading company and honing my skills I thought of extending my studies with Masters in IT in an international destination. I applied for universities in Australia seeing its international appeal and quality of education. But my plans were cut short. I was victim of carelessness of a consultancy and had to face huge losses.

As I had my rejection before in 2009, I took counseling from a consultancy in Kathmandu. They asked me to submit my academic scores to them for reviewing. They took a week and convinced me that I have good credentials to be admitted. I collected all the required documents and also sent a year’s tuition fee to the college they recommended to me. Decorating countless dreams I began plotting my future plans. I was hoping to work in a top IT company for a few years and  then, return to Nepal to make it a hub of IT in Asia.

However, at the last moment, the consultancy said that I should not apply. They said that there was a high chance of rejection when I was ready with all the documents. I asked them to apply nonetheless; I was ready to test my luck. But they refused to start the process as it was going to harm their reputation of 100% visa rate. I had taken my bank loan from a bank other than SBI and Nabil (which the consultancy had asked me to do) because their consultancy had been given an authority from high commission (I saw other people receiving visa from that bank when I was getting counseling for visa). I couldn’t apply to it on my own; without the consultancy name there was no chances of visa (as it was recommended to me by other consultancies.) So I had to cancel my visa process.

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I was very angry at the consultancy as to why they didn’t guide me well but being an average person my sounds were suppressed. I could not do anything. It took the college 4 months to return my amount. I had to pay a heavy interest because I had taken a bank loan. Also while returning money the dollar rate had plummeted and I had to face heavy loss. To sum it up, going through the process of making the documents and getting bank loan resulted in a huge monetary loss for a middle class person like me. Time and money should be valued. If not for this, I could have always used them for better things.

But being an optimistic person, I tried to channel my anger into a constructive path. So I thought of building something that may serve people like me who are thinking of going abroad. I talked about my idea with a brother (we both worked in the same company), and we decided to build something. As I am a PHP developer and he, a designer, we both started working together on this project. We hoped that it would help people find the right consultancy and not face a situation like mine.


KhojaConsultancy.com is kind of self-explanatory. The problem solving website allows registered consultancies to make a profile which can be viewed by the students allowing them to learn about the countries they offer counseling for and their existing branches. The consultancies can add their details and information.

We have made the site flexible for the students by having the following search options:

  1. Name: Students can search by the name of the consultancy. It gives the name of the consultancies they are searching for with a list of similar names.
  2. Location: Students can search by the location. It gives a list of consultancies offering services in the location you are searching for.
  3. Destination: Students can search by the destination. It provides a list of the consultancies that offer help for your destination country that you are searching for.
  4. Reliable results: Students can try all the three options at once to get the sound result that they are looking for.
  5. Sidebar: Sidebar search is an easy search for example, if you click on study in USA, it provides the results with the list of consultancies which offer counseling for USA.

After the search, you will get a list of consultancies with a short description. You can now click on the title or image to go to the detail page where the complete description is provided.
Students can now search the consultancy of their choice, with several filters such as location and destination and get the contact details.

The main idea of our website is to rate and review the consultancy. Students can rate the consultancy and let people know how good the service provided was. So, it helps other students make the right decision in choosing their consultancy. So, I request people to rate as much as possible and help others to make right decision so that the consultancies do not take the process lightly (as it was in my case).

We have just started and have 250+ consultancies registered in our site till today. There are different sites where you can find the list of consultancies but those are generic sites, and what we have, is a site specifically dedicated to consultancies only. We are planning to make our site better so that everyone trying for abroad gets all the information he/she needs to make the final decision and gets linked with the right consultancy.

We also have facebook page where consultancies can post their recent offers and let people know.

Website : khojaconsultancy.com
Facebook : facebook/khojaconsultancy
Contact details
Khoja Consultancy
Subhidhanagar, Kathmandu
Ph: 01 – 4104488
email: khojaconsultancy@gmail.com
Rojan Thapa (9803962582)


This is an account from the founder of KhojaConsultancy.com, Rojan Thapa. If you’d like to share your story with us, please contact us.

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