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Khalti Launches QR-Code Based Event Ticketing Facility

Khalti, a popular digital payment in Nepal, has launched a QR-code based event ticketing facility on its platform. Now, users can buy paperless event tickets from Khalti’s mobile app and website and make cashless payments. How neat is that? You don’t have to go up to the venue to get that Damien Rice ticket anymore. 

Launched in January 2017, Khalti is a mobile wallet & payment gateway service provider in Nepal. It allows users to pay for a range of services like basic utility payments, hotel bookings, movie and domestic flight tickets, online shopping and many more. Khalti is built by same engineering team that built Sparrow SMS which has served millions of Nepalis over the last 10 years.

Khalti has introduced a dedicated ‘Event’ section on its app and website from where event organizers across Nepal can publish their events on Khalti’s platform. And there, users can book and pay for tickets directly. Even the ticket refund would be easy with this service. 

The launch of this feature has been aimed at making the work of both event organizers and event goers easier through a seamless digital ticketing and payment system. The system will be useful for ticket booking of any events happening across Nepal, from sports matches to LIVE concerts among others.

Announcing the launch of the system, Amit Agrawal, Director of Khalti said,

“When it comes to event ticketing in Nepal, be it a play, concert or a seminar, the event organizers have to put huge effort, from printing the tickets to marketing and distributing it to their target audience. Likewise, event goers have to go through a long process, standing in the queue and making cash payments.

“Ticketing or registration should not be an extra burden for event organizers as well as event goers. With the launch of this online ticketing system, we are hopeful that event organizers will be able to sell tickets with far less effort. Similarly, the hassle of buying tickets for audiences will be eliminated to a great extent. Users will be able to buy tickets much advance in time and make cashless payments from their mobile phone.”

Khalti’s electronic ticketing system will help event organizers save the costs of printing and distributing the tickets to their target audiences. Meanwhile, event goers will save money while booking tickets. The best part is that they will be provided cashback on every ticket purchased, that ranges upto 50 percent of the ticket price!!! Think paying only 750 for a ticket that costs 1500.

After booking tickets from Khalti, users will get QR-code of the ticket and its downloadable PDF file inside Khalti app and website. They can show the same QR-code on their smartphone at the entrance gate of the event where event organizers will scan and verify the ticket. This can be thought of as similar to how the airlines ticket booking system works. You buy the ticket, details get sent to your phone, you go and print the ticket at the airport gate itself. With Khalti’s approach, you don’t have to print one because you have the QR code.

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