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Jhalko.com — Order Your Printed Photos Online

Gurkha Technology, an IT based company has launched a service brand named as Jhalko – Recreating Memories. Jhalko.com is basically a platform where you can upload photos and the system will automatically recommend you frames and sizes based on photo dimension, quality and other parameters. You can then get your photos delivered at your doorstep without any hassle.

Customers can also take pictures at events such as graduation, wedding and other occasions and instantaneously order a framed photograph to capture the moment.

With photos, being the life of everywhere we go and anything we do, Jhalko intends to revive the photo printing culture again. Smartphones today are capable of taking high-quality pictures, and thousands of photos stay in the drive or stored without being imprinted or some even get lost. In this age of technology, people have forgotten about the importance of printed photos which can act as memorabilia for decades.

Jhalko also intends to provide its consumers with high-quality pictures, with a very much competitive rate and to make photo printing a hassle-free experience. Jhalko intends to bring new features to offer many other related services in the near future as well.

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