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IT Diploma Courses Launched at Neosphere

Neosphere, a young IT institute that is already rising in popularity amongst young students in Kathmandu, has launched three new 6-month long diploma courses available for part-time study. Especially designed for recent +2 exam students, these courses are applicable to anybody who is new to the field of technology and looking to gain digital skills to either amp up their college application or be job-ready sooner than later.

The three diploma courses are:

All three are perfectly suitable for fresh learners who are new to fields of programming, designing and networking respectively.

Designed to prepare every student for real world industries by arming them with practical, relevant skills, these courses have been described as “ideal for digitally savvy young adults who want to be college-ready and career-focused” by Ratnesh Dheeraj, the Academic Head of neosphere.

To ensure that students know what they’re getting into, neosphere has announced every Friday for the next one month as Diploma Demo Day. Starting from 18th May, this weekly event offers short, convenient demo sessions for prospective students in the institute itself.

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The classrooms at neosphere are fully equipped with proper computer infrastructure and IT staff to help every student enjoy a smooth learning experience worth their investment. The institute was founded by techpreneur Sanjay Golchha late last year as a solution to the skills gap problem in the Nepali job market. With companies across sectors demanding web developers, 3D animators, network specialists and more, Golchha saw a knowledge sharing opportunity and established something for students who are keen on specializing in various verticals across the IT spectrum.

Launched out of Hulas Education Pvt. Ltd., member of the Golchha Organization, neosphere looks well-prepared to raise the bar, with a long-term vision of bringing progressive ideas and methodologies to Nepal’s education scene. To those excited to see what the tech-fuelled future holds, this new player in the skills-training game sure looks like a promising ray of neon light in the clutter of computer training institutes across Kathmandu Valley.

Get a detailed look at the new diploma courses offered at neosphere.

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