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Insight Workshop Launches a 12 Week Academy Program

Insight Workshop is launching an Academy Program for Software Engineering in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a 12-week long project-based collaborative learning program.insight workshop academyOver the 12 weeks, participants (students) will learn to code like a professional and will also get the chance to develop their leadership skills. The academy curriculum is being taught by experienced practitioners from Kathmandu, Silicon Valley & Europe. Classes are supplemented with team collaborations, interactive labs, guest lectures, and real-world problem-solving exercises.

Insight Workshop says it launched the program to make their students well-rounded engineers who can be part of high-performing distributed engineering teams for global clients.

The course curriculum has been divided into 5 different modules which include Python Programming and Django REST framework. Even though the course is 12 weeks long; 8 weeks are dedicated to teaching & lab exercises. In the last 4 weeks, students are expected to work on a real-world capstone product.

The program will start from mid-December and will have only 12 students in its first batch. It will cost only Rs. 20,000 for the 12 weeks duration. But, if you successfully complete the 12 weeks program, then you will get your entire 20000 back.

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If you are interested in being part of the program, please apply through https://insightworkshop.io/academy.

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