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Story of inGrails – Providing Digital Solutions Since 2014 [Startups]

inGrails, a Kathmandu based software company, is one of many pioneering technological companies in Nepal. It has done tremendous job in offering high quality services like visual design, web development, and mobile application development since 2014.

Nirdesh Dwa

Nirdesh Dwa, co-founder of inGrails, walked me through the journey of three engineers who in two years, weren’t just building products for Nepali Market, but also providing quality digital solution for organizations in Nepal and offshore like Singapore, USA and China.

The Idea

The idea of inGrails first popped up in 2014. It all started with three colleagues (Nirdesh Dwa, Sanjan Piya and Sujit Pathak) wanting to do something different with their own outsource. They wanted to build their own products rather than relying on just projects from others. So, they decided to build a company that primarily focuses on building products for Nepali Market and also provides quality digital solution for organizations.

According to Nirdesh Dwa, “It was overwhelming to have our own company with all the people from the same back ground. We had a rough time on finances and government procedure and mistakes were obvious in the beginning. But we learnt from those mistakes. We feel proud when working hard for seven days a week really pays off and progress is seen in the company.”

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The Crew

The team of inGrails started with three people and now they have hired five full-time and two part-time employees. They comprise of Android Developers, Back-end developers, iOS Developers, UI/UX designers and marketing heads.

Mr. Dwa stated, “We are more than just colleagues; we are like brothers. We have regular communication, discussions etc. And most of all, we all have equal right when it comes to put our ideas forward. The bond between us, the respect for one another and the freedom to put forward ideas, complains and comments keeps us growing and keep us as one.”

inGrails Today

Image credit: inGrails

In the past two years, inGrails has successfully served 25+ Clients in projects ranging from Video Conferencing to ECommerce platforms. They have extended their works and delivered facilities to renowned names like Colors Mobile Nepal, Gafencu Men Magazine China, Binge Fashion Singapore, VTD USA and so on.

Currently, inGrails has two products in the market Eatery and Véda. These days, the crew members are more focused on developing, marketing, and enhancing  their product Véda. Also, Nirdesh Dwa mentioned that they are introducing two new products in the Nepali market soon.

The struggling phase for inGrails is almost over. Nirdesh Dwa mentioned that the company is organized and is running smoothly.

Nirdesh Dwa mentioned, “Right now to accelerate our marketing and other processes we are searching for strategical partners who can guide us and help us get to market easily.” inGrails is willing to find a strategical partner who is experienced and knowledgeable on this field. Also, it is in search of someone who can manage finances properly. He stated they preferred “train and hire” module rather than hiring an expert as an employee as they will be able to test the potential of the person and they can also save huge amount money.

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Birth of Véda 

veda ingrails
Image credit: inGrails

inGrails has stepped into the market with their product – Véda and Eatery. Basically, inGrails serves Nepalese market with their product Veda that digitize businesses, and also helps in digitization of school and colleges. How it digitizes? Well, Véda is an app for school to make communication efficient between parents, school and teachers. It also helps to digitize the processes of schools and within four months of launch, there are already 26 schools using Véda. Some of which are St. Xavier’s, St. Mary’s, Meridian Int’l School, Don Bosco, LRI, etc. Dwa stated the fact that there are many competitors for Véda, but what keeps them apart from others is features like Brand Differentiation, Informed Decision Making and Véda Guru. The team is confident that Véda has lots of advantages over any other products in the market.

inGrails is also working on product, Eatery which will help the restaurants connect with their clients. A restaurant called “Reef” was using the product but currently for the purpose of maintenance, the marketing of the product has been kept on hold.

Dwa advises, “We are still too young a company to give advice to others but according to what we’ve learned in past two years, I would suggest to have a sustainable business plan, not just a business plan. There is a huge potential for entrepreneurs in Nepal but we have to keep in mind that there is a lot of competition as well. Plus it is easy for big players in Nepalese market to jump into ideas that has potential. So, entrepreneurs should keep learning and innovating to stay ahead of competitors.”

My Opinion

What I think is, the work inGrails is doing to digitize Nepal is very much supportive in Nepalese society. As a startup and the struggles the team has faced in years, making the company grand is real inspirational. They might be an example to many youths thinking of startups.

Talking about their products – Veda and Eatery, communication between the students, parents, and teachers in a school/college is very much necessary and digitization in this field saves time and creates certain transparency. And about the ongoing product Eatery, I think it will bring a drastic change in the Restaurant Management System. Talking about the team, the leadership skills and the enthusiasm the crew will inspire many youths involved in information technology like us. Every startup has an untold story, the story of Nirdesh Dwa and the crew and their struggles are really motivational.

Visit inGrails: http://www.ingrails.com/index.html

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