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Information Security Response Team Conducts its First AGM Successfully

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Information Security Response Team conducted its First Annual General Meeting on IT Security on August 5, Saturday.

During the event, an act of protection of cyber threats to make people aware and help society to minimize cyber security risk was directed by Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, Chairman of Information Security Response Team Nepal.

The program was formally opened by cutting a ribbon by Computer Association Federation’s (CAN) ex-president and chairperson of Nepal Certifying Company Mr. Biplab Man Singh. He said that security against such cyber-crime was totally ignored and the remaining plans and policies were not formulated correctly. Laws and policies purposed on late 2000 were amended 7 years later but is not implemented precisely. Information Security is trending subject that is a major risk where we must be aware before harmful attacks.

The Legend ICT Personality Dr. Subarna Shakya also summarized InfoSec response team has the greatest role in an act of data and network security. Development of e-governance in Nepal has raised information security to crucial level and every organization must take it seriously, he encouraged the meeting. Likewise, Nepal Rastra Bank’s Deputy Director Prahalad Giri informed Nepal banking system is depending on virtual currency and cash sales. He said both service provider and the consumer must be aware of information security and influenced comprehensive research is important on cyber security.

Chairman of Internet Society Nepal Bikram Shrestha enlisted that every organization must have participation in digital media security and there must be strong policies and programs implemented thoroughly. Similarly, National Information Procedure Center’s (NITC) assistant director and Information Authorized Mr. Ramesh Pokharel, CAN Association’s Secretary Mrs. Sunaina Pandey Ghimire, Sano-Thimi Campus’s ICT department Head Mr.Reg Bhandari, Nepal Police Department’s Nabinda Aryal and ITSERT Nepal’s secretary also spoke and summarized that they have full supports on upcoming cyber awareness programs and events.

New working committee on InfoSec Information security response team Nepal’s (InfoSec Nepal) first annual general meeting was held smoothly. The newly elected working committee was established by breaking the old committee in the meeting.

Under the leadership of Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari in among 17 committee members Mr. Kumar Pudasaini Vice president, likewise Secretary General Mr. Dhurbaraj Sharma Phuyal, Secretary Sovita Dahal and Treasurer  Netra Prasad Poudel were elected. Similarly, members were Dibyatara Shakya, Narayan Chhetri, Bharatraj Rijal, Niranjan Khakurel, Dr. Pramod Parajuli, Niranjan Patel, Kumar Poudel, Suresh Bhandari, Rajan Dahal, Bharatraj Upreti, Shiva Basnet and Arjun Adhikari.

Different plans and policies were enlisted by the institution on the general meeting where different awareness programs on cyber security will be formulated precisely in upcoming days.

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