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35% Off on 12 Months VIP iflix Video Streaming Subscription on Daraz [Deals]

iflix is like the Netflix of the developing world. It is a subscription-based video on demand service that focuses on emerging markets like Nepal which Netflix totally ignores. iflix is currently available in 28 countries across Asia and Africa, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, etc.


Though their content is not as expansive as that of Netflix, we did find some renowned shows like Fargo and Vikings in there. There are shows like Ben 10, and Powerpuff girls for your kids. There is an entirely separate section for kids in this app. You can watch the discovery channel for free. Of course, when you run out of your VIP trial, you won’t be able to watch these shows for free.

You will be stuck watching some pilot episodes, some promotional episodes, a movie of the day, and some random short form content with the free tier. So, if you have tried iflix in the past and like the ease of use and the selection of content, you may want to upgrade to the VIP tier. Here, you will get unlimited access to all shows and movies available in iflix. Also, there won’t be any ads.

But where do you get the subscription from? Daraz is the answer. Daraz is giving away 35% discount on 12months of iflix subscription. That effectively brings the already low Rs. 3600 price of a year of subscription to Rs. 2340. Also, for those of you who don’t want to commit that long, Daraz has got a 6 months subscription package with 20% discount. 6 months of VIP iflix set you back Rs. 1800 originally. Now, with the discount, it is down to Rs. 1440.

You can find these deals on Daraz by clicking this link.

Even if you don’t want to buy it or don’t need it, It can be a great gift for your sister or brother who always asks you to transfer a TV show or a movie to their phones or laptops. It will make your life easier to live.

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