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Why Hybrid Cars More Expensive But Better

If hybrid cars are truly worth buying, why are they today hyped more than ever before? If you compare the 2021 hybrid Honda CR-V price with the traditional gasoline cars, the price margin between the two is unimaginable. Most hybrid cars classified as modern are loaded with many features.

To make other hybrid models more powerful, they are equipped with a turbocharger and twin electric motors and other new technologies. It’s for this reason and many others that make hybrid cars more expensive but much better.

Why it’s Expensive to Own Hybrid Cars

To promote acceptance of hybrid cars amongst consumers, European states and the USA have offered incentives to auto manufactures producing MHEVs (Mild hybrid electric vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-In hybrid vehicles). Again, by buying certain hybrid models, different states offer grants that amount to above $3,500.

These acts are meant to lower ownership costs. We can therefore rule even the governments do realize hybrid cars are expensive. What really makes these cars expensive?

a. High insurance premiums

Due to the high cost of purchase which translates to a high cost of compensation in case of an accident or loss, the insurance premiums are equally high. Since hybrid cars retain an all-time high resale value, insurance companies also take this into account and thus their premiums are high.

b. High cost of battery replacement

Even though the cost of batteries intended for hybrid cars is expected to reduce in the coming years, their price is still high. As long as the prices of batteries remain high, hybrid cars will also remain expensive to own.

The fact that these batteries can last for 8-10 years, how would you expect them to be cheap?

c. Extra features

When analyzing the features incorporated into the 2021 hybrid cars, some features though not critical have played negatively into their pricing mix. Head-Up Displays (HUDs), Driver Drowsiness Detection, Gesture and Voice Controls and Heat and Massage Functions are commonly featured in hybrid cars.

All these features are counted into the pricing cost and it makes hybrid cars expensive.

Despite the above cons of owning a hybrid car, they are the best cars to go for today. What makes them better?

a. Strong performance

Despite having the usual engine combustion chamber, hybrid cars have an additional electric motor which adds more power. This enhances the engine performance and speed is equally high.

With the combination of power produced by the electric motor and gasoline combustion chamber, some hybrid cars end up with a high powertrain of above 273 Nm as witnessed in the 2021 Honda Accord.

b. High fuel economy

When hybrid cars are moving at a low speed, they use electrical energy to propel the engine. Electrical energy is cheaper than gasoline and for this reason, you should consider buying a hybrid car.


The pros of owning a hybrid car outweigh the cons of buying it. If you think of fuel efficiency, resale value or convenience of use, you’ll have a reason to buy a hybrid car.

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