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Human Rights Appathon: To bring Youths Together to Understand the Issues Around Human Rights in Nepal and Beyond

To celebrate World Human Rights Day, the National Human Rights Commission in partnership with UNDP Nepal and Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC Nepal) is organizing the Human Rights Ideathon. The purpose of this event is to bring together youths to understand the issues around human rights in Nepal and beyond.


This Event has got various activities from Ideathon (brainstorming the ideas that creates impact) to Appathon (making a prototype of the idea). The event provides various training and programs necessary for carving your thoughts into some useful products.

The idea challenge has already been started and many people have shared their ideas. If you think, you can mold your vision of business value, then hurry up and participate in Idea Challenge 2016, Ideathon and win exciting prizes. The deadline for submitting your idea is 15th January 2016. For more details you can visit here.

After the Ideathon is over, the application opens for Appathon. The deadline to apply for Appathon is 19th January. On January 23rd selected candidates for the Appathon will be announced and the Human Rights Appathon begins from January 29-31. To register for the Appathon visit here.

If you think you can shape your vision to a usable product that can help to fulfill the issues around human rights in Nepal then roll up your sleeves because the price is heavy. After the judgment in the final day of Appathon the award ceremony begins on January 31st.The price is USD 2000, USD 1000 and USD 500 for first place, second place and third place respectively.

As different Boot Camp programs are still conducted in various places, you can attend and get a chance to get selected in Appathon only after attending and completing the trainings it provides. To know more about the different training and activities being conducted when and where visit here.

Just don’t be judgmental about your idea, expose it.

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