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Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Camera Review: Good Set of Rear Cameras

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 is the latest mid-range phone Huawei has to offer. It comes with the trending pop-up camera mechanism and boasts an impressive 91% screen to body ratio.

I’ve used the device for almost a month. And, I’ll say its a good budget option. Also, the fact that it’s the only device with a pop-up camera at this price tag makes it more appealing.

Well, it also has a triple camera setup (16MP main sensor, 8MP Ultrawide sensor, 2MP depth sensor) and we’ll be going through its camera setup in this article. However, check out our full review of the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019, if you want to know if you should buy the Y9 Prime 2019 or not!

Rear Camera


Let’s check out the first sample. This is shot in broad daylight on a sunny day. The dynamic range is balanced as we can see details on the darker part and the brighter part as well. The picture is evenly exposed, the detail level is nice; especially the clouds. The building is well defined and we have good detail on the shadows too.

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The color is nice, it’s slightly saturated but it’s alright. Overall, it’s a nice photo.

First Sample Photo: Daylight

The next sample also has good details, the clouds look really good, the texts on the buildings are clearly visible as well, and the color is neutral too.

The picture is evenly exposed, we can see good amount of detail on both darker and brighter areas. So, it’s all good!

Second Sample: Normal

This sample is a slightly tricky one. There’s plenty of sunlight on the top left corner whereas the rest of the part does not. And, it’s clear that the top left corner has been overexposed but it’s not bad. The color profile is pretty neutral and there’s good amount of detail as well.

Third Sample

Likewise, this next sample has a balanced exposure. The bright and dark areas are properly exposed. Dynamic range its good as well and on overall is a good picture.

Fourth Sample: Normal

Thus, daylight photos from Y9 Prime 2019 are good as expected. The colors seem to be not much saturated, dynamic range is balanced and has nice detail level on overall.

Night Mode

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 has a dedicated night mode and it seems to do a good job most of the times.

In the samples below, the first one is shot without the night mode and we can see there are not many details except the areas with the light source. But, using night mode gives you a better picture. There is still some visible noise, especially on the edges but the night mode vastly improves the picture quality.

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Onto the next set of samples, comparing the one with night mode and the one without the night mode we can see that the normal one is filled with noise and has less detail. But, after using the night mode, it helps reduce the noise and gives an improved image with a good amount of detail.

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Now, these are the last set of the night pictures. The normal picture has tons of noise and lacks details. The night mode helps in reducing the noise and capturing more detail but still, it hasn’t worked as well it did in the previous samples.

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However, the night mode works well most of the times. As I mentioned earlier, it might not work as good in some scenarios but it certainly helps to capture better night shots.

Portrait Mode

Y9 Prime 2019 rocks a triple camera setup and one of them is a 2MP depth sensor. The depth sensor helps in taking portrait photos and they come out quite decent.

This sample has the subject in focus. Edge detection is good and the blur amount seems to be pretty good. Overall, it a decent portrait.


This sample is nice as well. The edge detection is on point and the blur amount is pretty decent. Plus, the background has not been overexposed.


Ultra Wide Angle

Among the triplets, the ultrawide angle is the best sensor of the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019.

This picture is of the Banepa municipality and I like it. The color looks nice and the overall exposure is good too. Obviously, we lost out on details compared to the main sensor but its fine.


This picture came out pretty good as well. And, what I like the most is that the main sensor and the ultra-wide-angle sensor maintains consistency in terms of color and exposure.

I like the ultrawide-angle sensor of the Y9 Prime 2019. The images have good color, good exposure and the fisheye effect is not prominent.

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Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 can take videos up to 1080p. We do not get any option for stabilization and the video quality is pretty average. The good thing is we can take videos from the wide-angle sensor as well which as much more stabilized. However, they are not as sharp as the videos from the main sensor.

Front Camera

Jumping straight to the first sample, this selfie is taken indoors under good lighting. The photo turned out quite okay. The detail level is average, color seems to be on the neutral side and it’s an average selfie.


Similarly, the next sample has an average detail and the color is on the flatter side.


Now, let’s turn our head to some portrait selfies. In the first sample, the detail level is fine. However, the left part of my face has been blurred out so the edge detection is not that good. Similarly, in the next sample, we can see that some part of my body has been blurred out.

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In addition, the background might get overexposed while taking portrait pictures in outdoors as seen in the sample below.

Y9 Prime 2019 has a better rear camera than the front camera. The normal selfies are good but the portrait selfies do need improvement.


To conclude, Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 has a good set of rear cameras. Especially, the wide-angle sensor works really good and the portrait mode is fine as well. However, I would have liked it better if the video from the rear camera was sharper.

On to the front camera, the normal photos are quite okay, the color is neutral, the detail level is slightly low, and the portrait mode needs improvement. Also, the HDR is not available in front camera, which can vastly improve the picture quality.

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