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Honor Band 4 Available on Daraz at Discount Price!

We didn’t know when Honor quietly snuck its own Smartbands in Daraz. I just found out today that Honor Band 4 was available in Daraz and they are now heavily discounted. What for? Maybe a new version is coming out soon. I can’t tell for sure though.

Anyway, if you are a fitness enthusiast but can’t afford an Apple watch or a Galaxy Watch, Honor Band 4 is a good buy for you. It has a large colorful 0.96″ AMOLED display at the top that can show you your notifications and let you see the time. Though the screen is an OLED panel, the display isn’t always on. You have to flick your wrist or tap the screen to see the time.

Compared to other fitness trackers of the same price, Honor Band 4 is packed with features. There is a step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, etc. Honor Band 4 also does a better job with calls and message notifications.

But there are some important features missing like onboard GPS or connected GPS. There’s also no altimeter to count the number of stairs that you’ve climbed in a day.

Honor Band 4 on Daraz

But the features that the band ships with are executed properly. As you run, you’ll see your distance, speed, calories burned and your heart rate, arranged over a few different info screens. According to reviewers who have actually used this product, the data that it shows is extremely accurate.

Features like measuring calories and pedometers aren’t available in other fitness bands like the Mi Band 3. Both fit bands are waterproof and can be taken to a depth of up to 50 meters.

Lastly, Honor Band 4 lasts about 15 days on a single charge while Mi Band 3 will last an even more impressive 20 days. But you do lack a color display on the Mi Band 3.

In the end, it comes down to your preference as to which band you prefer to use. Whatever your choice, the thing that is objectively clear is that Honor Band 4 is a more feature-packed and high-end fitness tracker available to buy in Nepal. If you are in search for some good tech to adorn your wrists, check Honor Band 4 at Daraz. Their prices have been heavily discounted there.

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