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Ministry of Home Affairs Brings Toll-Free Number for Complaints Registration

To establish an accountable governance, and to maintain peace and security, the Ministry of Home Affairs has brought a free engaged tone service (toll-free number) for maintaining the complaints and suggestions of the citizens, reports The Annapurna Post.

toll free number home affairs ministry
On July 10, Home Affairs minister Janardan Sharma conducted a special program to start the service. The Minister of Home Affairs has also insisted that the complaints will be investigated immediately and suggestions will be kept in priority.

Minister Sharma said, “The complaints made by the public will be immediately investigated and the result will be provided quickly and effectively. He also added that if citizens do not get proper services from local administration and if the problem is related to peace and security, they can immediately report the problem to Ministry of Home Affairs. Each and every complaint will be answered.”

A separate Complaint Management Panel has been established to listen to complaints and suggestions.

Complaints can be registered in Ministry of Homme Affairs via the toll-free-number 1112 and can also be contacted either by twitter account @mohagunaso or email: gunaso@moha.gov.np.

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