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HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Review: Outstanding Battery Life


  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Power Bank Feature
  • Good Build
  • IPX5 rating
  • Decent Sound Quality
  • Reliable Connection


  • Bulky
  • Fit is not Satisfactory
  • Touch Controls are not Consistent
  • No AptX Codec Support

HiFuture is a new brand in Nepal and has a variety of smartwatches and TWS. Among a few TWS, HiFuture TidyBuds Pro was recently launched in Nepal. HiFuture TidyBuds Pro price in Nepal is Rs. 4,999. It is available for purchase via daraz.

I have been using this TWS earbud for a week and I will say that it is decent for its price of Rs. 4,999.

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Specifications

  • Body: 5g (Each earbud), 35g (Case), IPX5 sweat and splash-proof
  • Audio Driver: 6mm
  • Battery: 70mAh earbud, 500mAh Case
  • Charging: Type C
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Colors: Black, White

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,999

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Review


TidyBuds Pro is an in-ear TWS that looks quite ordinary. It doesn’t have any wingtips and the ear tip is a small one. The ear tip comes in two sizes and both of them feel small. For my ear size, the seal was not good enough and the fit was not 100% comfortable. It did fall out of my ear twice while working out.

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Design
HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Design

Talking about its comfort, it is pretty lightweight as the earbuds measure 10gm in total. But the case is bulky at 35gm and it is big as well. The case is big as it houses a 3000 mAh battery.

Both, the case and earbud have a matte finish which feels good and looks good as well. TidyBuds Pro boasts a good build quality for the price.

The case has UBS-Type C charging port and a USB Type-A port on the back. On the front, it has a LED indicator for the battery.

Sound Quality

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro uses a 6mm audio driver and has a balanced sound profile. It provides tight bass where required and the bass doesn’t feel overpowered. The mids and the highs sound decent but the vocals do not shine through the song.

High frequencies do not sound defined and lack clarity. So, it is a decent TWS for normal users but audiophiles will have some complaints regarding its sound quality.

Also, you will notice a slight lag between audio and video if you’re playing games like PUBG and COD Mobile. However, the lag is not noticeable while watching videos.

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Touch Controls

Like most of the TWS, it comes with touch controls. You can use a single tap to play/pause, long press on right/left to skip/go to the previous song, and triple tap for voice assistant.

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro
HiFuture TidyBuds Pro

The touch control is not as sensitive and responsive as it should be. Let’s just say it is not consistent.


HiFuture TidyBuds Pro uses Bluetooth V5.0 so it boasts the standard range of 10m. And, I haven’t had any problems with its connectivity. Neither have I faced any connection drop or audio drop within its range.

It doesn’t support multipoint though. So, you won’t be able to switch between two devices instantaneously.

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Furthermore, it includes a built-in mic for phone calls. So, you can use the TWS for phone calls and the audio quality is average. The receiver was able to hear my voice but the background noise was also evident.


HiFuture TidyBuds Pro battery life is so good that I was not able to finish its battery in two weeks. The buds have a 70 mAh battery and the case has a whopping 3000 mAh battery. The case works as a power bank and you can even charge your mobile phone.

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Charging Port
HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Charging Port

I was getting around 6 hours of playback time from the buds in a single cycle. And the case provides additional twelve cycles, so it will provide around 80-85 hours of total playback time.

The battery life is outstanding and it’s the best earbud if you want a TWS that won’t die on you when you are on a long trip or hike.

Should You Buy It?

I’m impressed by the TidyBuds Pro. Its battery life is outstanding and provides good sound quality as well. You will find it hard to finish its battery in a week but the sound quality is not perfect.

The bass sounds good but the vocals do not have the best clarity. It is more than good enough for casual users but audiophiles will want better sound quality. It doesn’t support aptX but has support for SBC and AAC codec. Furthermore, it would have been nice if it had some features like multipoint.

Overall, it’s a good TWS for the price with exceptional battery life.

What do you think of HiFuture TidyBuds Pro? Let us know in the comments!

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