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Hello Nepal’s License Revoked by Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Everyone knows the power of the telecommunication. Some information that could’ve taken days to reach its destination, can be transmitted in mere seconds! Moreover, NTC, Ncell, Smart Cell, among others are some popular telecommunication service which has empowered us to communicate, whenever and wherever.

However, nothing ever goes as smoothly as planned. Unfortunately, things seem to be going south for Hello Nepal.

If you didn’t know, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has revoked the license of Hello Nepal, also known as Nepal Satellite Telecom, owned by Ajeya Raj Sumargi.

According to NTA representative, Hello Nepal failed to clear out royalty and renewal fee worth Rs. 800 Million within a time limit.

Despite the deadline being extended to August 18, 2019 (the original deadline was Mid-June), Ajeya Raj Sumargi still failed to meet his obligations. So, in return, NTA revoked Hello Nepal’s license, bringing its services to screeching halt.

However, all is not lost for Mr. Sumargi’s Nepal Satellite Telecom still has 35 days to challenge NTA’s decision in court. If everything goes well, Hello Nepal still has an opportunity to turn it around and retain the license.

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