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Heavy Discount on iPhone 6 from Oliz Store

Oliz Store is the official Apple Products store located at Basntmarga, BabarMahal. It has recently announced a special sale on Apple iPhone 6 mobiles. Oliz Store has provided Rs. 6,000 flat discount on iPhone 6 64GB. The total payable price after discount is Rs. 90,000. It has also given discounts of Rs. 7,500 on iPhone 6 128GB and the total payable price after discount is Rs. 1,00,000.


In order to get these discounts on iPhone 6, you’ll need to shop for the iPhone 6 through their Oliz online shopping. You can also reach them through the phone in order to by the product (Phone number: 014239881, 9801021297).

Oliz Store will provide free delivery for the product that you order. The products purchased can be tracked with the unique purchase ID which you will receive while shopping in Oliz Store.

If you are in search of warranted iPhone 6, then Oliz Store is a perfect place to buy. You can even visit the store and validate the quality of the iPhone.


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      In that case, you can compare the price rate of iPhone both in London and Nepal. If its cheap in Nepal and if you do have any contact that can ship you the phone in London, then go for Olive store in Nepal. Also, consider the shipping charges. 🙂


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