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Keep Track of Garbage Collecting Vehicles with ‘Hamro Lalitpur’ App

 hamro lalitpur app
Hamro Lalitpur App

I recall an ordinary day turning eventful when I saw a number of people gathered around a waste disposal site in the valley clicking photos. They were, as I was, intrigued by the sign in the middle of the waste that read, “The sign of Nepal.” This event had a deep impact on the passing by pedestrians and as a passing by pedestrian myself, it had a deep impact on me too. So, discovering this new app, Hamro Lalitpur, meant the recollection of a forgotten memory and a slight relief of not having to see a sign like that ever again.

The Hamro Lalitpur App is developed by the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) and powered by Naya. It allows residents of Lalitpur to keep a track on the location of garbage collecting vehicles with GPS services installed in each of its 15 trucks.

According to eKantipur, the LSMC collects about 90 tons of solid waste from 22 wards daily and has a plan to extend its services to the remaining 8 wards soon. The LSMC has mobilized 145 staff for sanitation in the district. This app, developed at a cost of Rs 2,00,000 with the funding from European Union, was officially launched on Dec. 17. It is available for download on the Google Play Store.

The services provided by this app include:

Safa Lalitpur

Allows users to register a complaint when they see undisposed garbage. It also allows them to check whether the complaint has been dealt with or not

Suchana tatha Samachar

Links users to the official LSMC page to view the latest news

Sarbajanik Kharid/Balpatra Suchana

Links users to the official LSMC for information

Nagarik Wadapatra

Contains information about services and requirements


Electronic Building Permit System, tracks the progress in the process of house sketch approval. It is expected to render the permit process more efficient by reducing reliance on manual input, eliminating errors, saving time, and enhancing transparency and governance.

Byaktigat Ghatana Darta

Information and application for birth, death, marriage, divorce, and migration

Samajik Surakshya Bhatta

Gives the list of those receiving social security from the sub-metropolis

Kar tatha Sulka

Links a report on the subject

The upcoming facilities of the application are titled Nagar Prahari and Aakasmik Sewa.

This application is a wonderful idea. And if used properly may be just the biggest step the valley has taken to improve sanitation technologically. The residents of Lalitpur are requested to make the best use of this application. And with the provided corresponding support from LSMC, give a hand in keeping Lalitpur clean.

Download Hamro Lalitpur app

Edited by Awale Sushil

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