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Government Planning To Lay Utility Cables Underground

Powerpole KathmanduThe government is planning to lay the electric devices and structures including utility cables underground, according to The Himalayan Times.

This measure has been taken by the Ministry of Energy. It is currently forwarding the process to make such electric structures undergrounded at Maharajgunj and Ratnapark Power Distribution Centre as the pilot project.

According to the ministry, this project will be funded with a loan and grant support from the Asian Development Bank under the power extension and distribution capacity increment project.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has also committed to supporting the project. Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, Minister for Finance, said that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has committed to invest Rs 10 billion for the project.

Power leakage and risk of accidents have been increasing due to lack of timely reform in power supplies in Kathmandu. To counter this, this project is being undertaken.

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