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Global Children’s Designathon Being Held in Karkhana

The fourth edition of the Global Children’s Designathon is being held today, Saturday, 3rd November (17th Kartik, 2075) in Karkhana, Gyaneshwor, Nepal.

What is it?

Global Children’s Designathon is a global event led by a Netherlands based organization, Designathon Works. In this program, 1,000 students from 30 cities all over the world will be participating. Children from Melbourne to Bogota, from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, and from Warsaw to Kathmandu will work in parallel to design creative solutions for Deforestation as a part of the Sustainable Development Goal No. 15: Life on Land, as defined by the United Nations.

What will participants do?

Children will start the day by researching the theme “Deforestation” in relation to their city while being specific to its consequences such as air pollution, threat to endangered species, and loss of habitat. This will be followed by brainstorming ideas to solve these problems. And finally, the students will be building prototypes of their ideas using recycled materials, cardboards, mini-motors, glue guns, LED-lights and sensors among others.

Through an online connection, the participants from one country will be contacting the teams in other countries. An exchange program will also be conducted where the participants will be sharing their ideas and ask questions to one another. At the end of the day, the participants will present their inventions to a panel of experts, parents and other attendees.

This is the first time that Designathon Works is organizing this program into Nepal. We would like to congratulate and thank Karkhana for bringing this wonderful opportunity for students of Nepal.

A little bit about Karkhana

Karkhana is an education company that designs learning experiences for middle-school students. As an education based maker space, Karkhana promotes co-curricular, hands-on learning opportunities that are designed to foster major 21st-century skills: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Karkhana is located at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu but it holds various training in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in middle-schools all over the valley.

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