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fuse.ai Starts the Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship [Applications Open]

Fusemachines will be awarding Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship to support AI learners and enthusiasts to help them find a career in AI.

According to a press release, the scholarships will be awarded to 10,000 individuals and the applicants will be selected after a meticulous screening process. The scholarship scheme is supported by Fuse.ai, which is an online learning platform focused on AI education.

fuse ai

The site is live from 10th September, they will be accepting applications till 5th October. By 2nd November the selected applicants will be announced.

The applicants for the scholarship must be over 18 years old and the preference will be given to those with an educational background in Computer Science and Mathematics. The scholarship scheme is not for a degree from a school or a university but it is being provided by the company, Fusemachines. It will be beneficial for pursuing a career in the field of machine learning. It includes the introductory phase of AI and its subcategories.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the applicants can easily sign up with fuse.ai and follow the instructions on the site. According to the press release, the scholarship will offer hands-on experience in a wide range of AI techniques from machine translation to robotics. Students will also be encouraged to design their own products thinking innovatively about real-life problems.

The classes will be three months long starting from 12th November, the classes will be online and students are expected to invest 5 to 10 hours weekly on the course.

Fusemachines is a company whose main focus is the production of AI solutions through education and service.


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