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10 Fresh Senior Level Tech Jobs in Nepal This Week: Feb 19 – 25

Each week, we bring you a curated list of ten technology jobs from a good mix of companies in and around Kathmandu. This week we’re featuring senior-level jobs for those that are looking to switch their career.

The tech jobs on this list are ranked in no particular order.

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10 Fresh Senior Level Tech Jobs in Nepal 

#10. Web Developer, Capital Designs

Capital Designs Inc. is a direct marketing industry in Nepal.

They are looking for 5 home based web developers to develop web applications and web-services (API) with general coding with skills in website designing and coding and excellent handle of spoken English.

#9. DevOps Project Manager, Longtail e-Media

Longtail e-Media is a digital solutions company that specializes in online marketing, brand establishment, pre-press, video, web development, and photography.

They are looking for experienced project manager for the development in PHP platforms, with at least 4 years project management experience in a Software Development Company.

#8. Senior PHP Developer, Theme Grill

Theme Grill is an international WordPress plugin shop.

They are looking for a senior PHP Developer willing to work on WordPress with a minimum of 3-year experience in PHP or WordPress. Senior Angular JS Developer/Coder

#7. Senior Technical Analyst, Nepal Clearing House

Image Courtesy: Facebook page of Nepal Clearing House

Nepal Clearing House currently operates Electronic Cheque Clearing (NCHL-ECC) and Interbank Payment System (NCHL-IPS) with the participation of almost all the banks and financial institutions in Nepal.

They are looking for a senior technical analyst with at least University degree in Engineering, Computer Application/Science, IT or related field and not less than 5 years of experience in design, implementation, upgrade and/or support of ICT infrastructure and/or data centers.

#6. Web Designer and Mobile App Developer, Feather Tech

Feather Tech is developing technology to reduce the cost of onshore oil exploration.

They are looking for 3 web designer and mobile app developers with Master degree education who can execute all visual design stages from concept to final coding of web applications and web services and has familiarity with new trends and technologies.

#5. Senior Software Engineering (Python), Aayulogic

Aayulogic provides software solutions including, but not limited to, web development, web designing, web/domain hosting, cms etc.

They are looking for a senior software engineer who can provide technical direction and guidance the team members, as well as draft specifications, architect solutions, define timelines, advice on company best practice and problems to be solved.

#4. Senior Android/iOS Developer, Diagonal Technologies

Diagonal technologies is a software company that offers mobile, web and desktop solutions. 

They are looking for a skilled and passionate Android and iOS developer with strong experience of native or hybrid app development for Android or iOS and at least 4 years experience in the related field.

#3. WordPress Developer, Extollo Adventures

Extollo Adventures is a Travelling agency in Nepal.

They are looking for a WordPress developer with Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Information Systems and knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript (jQuery), & PHP

#2. Senior Web/App Developer, Tulips Technology

Image Courtesy: Facebook page of Tulips Technology

Tulips Technology is an IT outsourcing company that focuses on Web development,  Web, and Mobile applications.

They are looking for a senior JS developer who has experience in coding client-side JavaScript applications with libraries related to such implementations, including React, Redux, Mob X, Web pack.

#1. Senior IT Officer, Alfa Beta Institute

Alfa Beta is one of the oldest institutions. It is a tuition provider in entry level courses like the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT and also an educational consultancy.

They are looking for a senior IT Officer with at least a master’s degree in the related field as well as 3 years of experience and knowledge of advanced IT.

We will come with such curated and handpicked tech jobs list every week.

So, stay tuned and keep following TechLekh.

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