Heavy Flooding Causes Problems in Electricity Generation: NEA

electricity tradeNepal Electricity Authority (NEA) said that due to the flooding in this season there have been some problems in the central transmission system. Due to the heavy downpour, the electricity generation has been disrupted in many places. So, NEA has urged the general public to be wary of some possible power cuts from NEA.

In particular, the Upper Madi Hydropower Company has been affected; disconnecting the 25 megawatt power supply from the National Transmission Line. Though there is some progress in power generation, about 35 megawatt power is still to be availed in the national transmission system.

After the flooding, only 265 megawatt from the total of 300 megawatt power is available.

The Lamki-Attariya 132 KV Transmission Line has been closed for connecting power in Pahalmanpur Sub Station.

In a press statement, NEA said that after the closure of the transmission line chances are high for power disruption in Mahendranagar, Attariya and some other area if the power imported from Tanakpur was the shortfall.



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